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About site

This site was created as many others - it came from a need. Please answer the questions below, and you may also decide that it's worth to organize and ease your life.

  • You happen to have in your wallet more than the cash receipts
  • The receipt you have just received is the basis for warranty, and you are afraid it will fade?
  • have a problem with archiving bills, important documents and you want to have one place where will be kept and as soon as you need to find them quickly
  • You like you smartphone, you want to benefit from using it, and use e-wydatki.pl service easily?
  • You want to know what and when you spend the most on?
  • You want someone to tell you that the return term of the warranty period is ending?

If you gave at least one positive answer, it means that you are in the right place. This site is exactly for you!

Using the service is free. Register to use the system. No need to provide any personal information.

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